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Clara Durán presents this website to inspire and support people by connecting with their own creativity. She displays her artworks, shares details about her art practice and scientific research in order to spread reflections about authentic expression, nature, spirituality and healing.

The main purposes of this website are two:

  • To reach people who resonate with her artworks and are interested in purchasing originals or prints as well as curators interested in including her artworks in exhibitions.
  • To empower people to make positive changes and conscious choices as to what they want to create and experience in their lives. She does this by offering mentorship, sessions, workshops, courses, information and advice as a Creativity Guide.

    NOTICE: The advice and information she offers on this website is based exclusively on her knowledge and experiences. She makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in her work. She is not a medical or health practitioner. She does not conduct any psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather she offers her clients an artistic-spiritual perspective and the creative tools to support them in their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.